Salt/spice/Oil/Honey Bottles Spoon Cover Set Of 3 Bottles

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  • Moisture-proof spoon cap integrated condiment bottle
  • The spoon cover is easy to take and saves time and effort.
  • The cover contains a silicone rubber ring, which is easy to take and moisture proof treatment is achieved.
  • Moisture-proof design
  • Multi-style and multi-purpose
  • Scientific capacitySpecifications
  • Name: Moisture proof spoon cap integrated condiment bottle
  • Colour: Black
  • Grade: Qualified Products
  • Capacity: 250ML
  • Bottle Material: High temperature resistance Glass
  • Cover Material: PP Resin, Stainless steel screw cap Make Cooking Easier
  • No need to manually unscrew the spoon and lid into one.

  • You could remove the seasoning with one hand.
  • It will seal when it is covered



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