Double-sided cutting board 304 stainless steel kitchen large domestic cutting board

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Product name:304 stainless steel double-sided family cutting board

Material: 304 steel +PP+TPR
Size: 42 cm *29 cm *2.2 cm 1896g

48*35*2.2cm      2569g

Features: N - type bevel can be used on both sides
Use 304 food contact stainless steel, stable material will not release toxic substances
Not only the high appearance level, but also the safety practical strong

This product can be used on both sides and cut separately when raw to prevent cross infection
Adopt stainless steel 304+ food grade PP+ board +TPR rubber, 22mm thickened cutting board, thick and durable, no chip, easy to clean

304 stainless steel cutting board can effectively remove stinking. When the polished surface of 304 stainless steel is in contact with air and water molecules at the same time, the iron ions released will combine with odor molecules to produce catalytic effect, which will decompose the molecular structure of odor and restore to an odorless state.

The edges and corners are fully enclosed with TPR rubber anti-skid design, which is stable even on waterstained glass or wet desktop
N type double sided tilt to avoid the bottom of the cutting board and the table contact, clean and hygienic, high silicone edge design can effectively prevent the outflow of food juice to keep the table clean.Dense material, no deep scratch, no dirt and bacteria, one wash immediately clean, convenient and fast.




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