Portable Hand Held Rechargeable Heat Bag Sealer

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Color: White

Operation Steps
(1)Press the knob to turn on the heat sealer;
(2)Turn the knob to "+" to seal bags;
Press the small button to switch modes. Here is the order:
①mode for super-thin bags ②mode for common bags(Daily use for sealing bags) ③ mode for pro thick bags.
(3)Turn the knob to "-" to cut open bags (slide from left to right)
(4)When do not use this plastic bag sealer, please adjust the knob to the middle area between "+" and "-" in order to lock it and avoid product damage due to unexpected heating.

Charge the Bag Sealer
During charging, the three indicator lights will flash slowly.
When three indicator lights light up at the same time, the bag sealer is full charged.

(1)After pressing “rotary button”, the indicator light doesn’t flash, and the bag sealer can’t seal bags.
The bag sealer hasn’t powered on, Please power on as instructed.Or The knob indication point directs to the “-”position. Please rotate the knob indication point to the“+”position.
(2)The sealer can’t power on. No response or no light after pressing the small button.
Low power status,please fully charge the bag sealer.

Instructions for Light Indicators
(1)No.1 light flashes
In working status: it indicates low power,
In charging status: it indicates charging.
(2)No.1+2+3 light flash at the same time
High temperature protection
(3)No.1, No.2, No.3 light flashes circularly and alternately When pressing “rotary button”,the indicator light means in heating.

Package Included
1*Bag Sealer
1*Instruction Manual
1*USB Cable



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