Suction cup wall hanging double soap box

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Creative suction cup wall hanging double toilet soap box

Rotate the soap box in both directions

Horizontal and vertical usage, switch at any time, follow one's inclinations

Double layer structure, waterproof and moisture-proof, convenient installation, greatly increase the usable space for you and your family

Creative design of drawer-type drawing tray

The upper layer quickly drained the water, the lower tray in time to catch the water

Let your toilet ground keep clean and tidy, prevent slip and fall, more convenient your household life

Product information :

Name : Drawer-type drain soap box

Material : HIPS 

Color : Light grey, dark grey, khaki

Style : Single layer, double layer

Size : It is 13 cm long, 9.3 cm wide and 3 cm high

         Interior length 12.7 cm, width 8.2 cm

         Vertical placement 17 cm high, horizontal placement 26 cm long

Carefully selected, quality of life, a total of three colors to choose

The soap box is in the shape of a cruciform bracket, installed horizontally or vertically at your choice

A grid to receive a bar of soap, the size of the soap is suitable, sorting, clean and hygienic, prevent cross - dip

Trace less installation, no damage to the wall, convenient and fast, further release space



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