Supermarket Portable Folding Cart Shopping Bag

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It’s a bag connected with wheels, so does not have handles, you can just grabbed hand-strap and go, whatever you wanted to carry on shoulder or pull as shopping cart, it’s very easy working.
The bag has two size in use, you can zip up to be a small bag or unzipped to be a big bag depends on how much spaces you needed, small size is good for small amount shopping, and big size holds much more, this is specially great for older people who likes to shopping daily and can’t handle heavy stuff, the bag is easy loading and unloading, will make job easier. When not use it, just folding it and store, so easygoing.
You do not have to carry a pocket book anymore because everything fits in this rolling tote: laptop, make-up, shoes, gloves, hat, etc.You can even go shopping and over-stuff this tote! Have gotten many compliments on it as well while around town because it is foldable when need be, and really cute...
Can be given to mom. Strong fabrics are more attractive than plastic!
It is medium in size, foldable, waterproof and easy to use! Especially for those shops that don't offer plastic bags, if you don't want to carry too many things, you can use them as a second choice. Easy to put in the shopping cart, you don't need to find the cashier's shopping bag when you check out.



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